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Burhanpur Mazar
Address : Burhanpur,
  Pincode-450331, Madhya Pradesh
Telephone : 91-7325-245152 / 245252/ 245452
Facsimile :
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Lodging /Mawaid/ Surroundings

To accomodate the thousands of Zuwwar flocking to Burhanpur regularly, seeking spiritual solace, Dargah-e-Hakimi has a vast accomodation facility, with 150 old rooms and 102 new rooms, in the form of Duplex Bungalows. These bungalows can accomodate 4 people(single room) or 6 people(double rooms).


In Shawwal, 1419, Aqa Moula(TUS) laid the foundation for a new building for accomodating zuwwars, which now stands completed. The building has 3 floors, hosting 86 rooms. It also has an elevator and is named as Burhani Manzil.

Burhani Manzil


Dargah-E-Hakimi also has a newly constructed general Hall in addition to three 3 general halls for accomodation with common bathrooms and toilets to cater to zuwwars who visit for a day and do not need rooms.



In the benevolent tradition of the Fatimied heritage, a Mawaid - Evan-e-Hakimi has been constructed in Dargah-E-Hakimi. The Mawaid has a seating capacity of 1000 thaals at one time. It consists of the ground, first floor and terrace. At one time 350 thaals can be accomodated on the ground floor, 350 on the first floor and 400 thaals on the terrace.




It has a seating capacity for 50,000 people at the same time. Construction was started in Safar,1418, (1997). The Iftetah was performed amidst great joy and revelation by His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (T.U.S) in 1420, 28th Safar(1999). The Mawaid has two lifts inside. One for transporting thaals to the upper floors, and one for the zuwwars. It also has 4 staircases. A special fibre glass sunroof eliminates the need for artificial light in the daytime. The mawaid is centred around a garden which has a beautiful fountain in the centre. Sitting around the fountain and partaking of the royal meal, gives one a feeling akin to dining in paradise because of the kind ne'mats of our Shafik Bawa. 

Dargah-e-Hakimi accomodates a heli-pad, gardens, fountains and geese and deer. 

The newly constructed office has the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure and computers.


Type and Number of Rooms

Burhani Building Hakimi Bungalows Mohammedi Manzil A.C rooms General Halls
78 100 100 5 4


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